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Mission: We provide leadership development and coaching to enhance organizational growth

HMC has made a difference by...

Collaborating with hospitals to launch a patient experience movement that led to cultural improvements


Partnering with behavioral health providers to establish innovative processes that drive patient centered workflows and positively impact HEDIS quality measures


Designing a hypertension improvement learning collaborative with FQHCs & family health clinics that led to tangible outcomes


Providing consultative support to a nursing home executive team to Reduce 

Hospitalizations of Long-Term “Chronic Critically Ill” Residents/Patients


Training 400+ employees - specifically executives, middle managers, doctors, nurses, other professional & support staff - in process improvement methodologies (LSS Yellow Belt & Green Belt)


Leading a series of process improvement workshops to facilitate reduction of avoidable hospital ER visits across a network of hospitals

Our subject matter expertise include Lean Six Sigma, quality, process improvement, change management, systems redesign and implementation support. We help organizations find practical solutions to challenges that result in cost savings, efficiency, improved workflows and operational excellence.

We are here to:

  • listen and understand your needs 

  • problem solve

  • provide value

  • drive meaningful results

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